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05-23-2014, 11:00 PM
Hello! I am planning on building my own gaming PC using various parts ordered from around the internet and am requesting recommendations to build the PC with the following criteria:

Budget of ~$1200 USD
Built with an AMD processor chip-set (Preferred but can go with an Intel chipset)

Thanks in advance for the assistance

05-24-2014, 11:48 AM
hmmm I tried to build my own pc it took me 5 pc sets because problems to find compatible parts... got problems with compatibility... I suggest if you want a good gaming PC look for a set then upgrade it so that parts wont be problem and dont lose the receipts you need it for returning bad parts....

05-24-2014, 06:19 PM
I would recommend you checking out this site PCPartPicker (http://pcpartpicker.com/)

I'll share my experience on how I build my PC back in 2013.
Although I'm not a expert in computers but I think I have a fair amount of knowledge base on my own experience.

I had a estimated budget of $1900 USD
So some of the things I say here is base on a $1900 budget, you might need to adjust some of the things to fit the $1200 budget /no1

A good casing that would have enough fan that keeps my PC cooled (Invested about $150 on casing)

I think that a good casing can at least minimize overheating which can damage your computer (You will have to spend more than a casing to replace damage parts)

Graphic Card
I was looking for a good graphic card to support my heavy gaming usage as I play Planetside 2 it requires a extremely high graphic card

So with my budget I bought a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti (Not very pricey but able to support my usage.)

With your budget of $1200 you might or might not be able to fit in your budget. It depends on how much your processor and motherboard cost.

Try getting a i7 processor! With a i7 processor means you will have a faster computer. /lv2

Get a good motherboard ! I Cannot stress this enough! Changing a motherboard means literally changing your whole PC. So invest in a good motherboard that can do it's job that you require it to do

Get both SSD and HDD for you PC! Here's why.

Have a SSD to run your OS (Operating System)
Reason: SSD are faster thus your boot up time and whatever you do on your Operating System will be faster.

HDD as your primary hard disk for storage
Reason: HDD are cheaper! 1TB can cost lesser than $150 compared to a SSD! Although HDD are not as fast as SDD but just for storage you don't need to have a fast hard disk.

Depending how much RAM you use! Would recommend getting 8GB RAM in 1 Memory Stick! Basic motherboard have 4 slots for RAM. 1 Memory Stick with 8GB RAM means you will have 32GB RAM in total !

This will be useful if you plan to upgrade your RAM in future. It's much cheaper./$

Power supply
I'm not a fan of getting a good power supply so for me I would recommend you getting a decent one without it being too pricey. /$

Misc Items
Other items like sound card and whatever are not free! So set aside maybe $100 will be enough to get them all together.

Truthfully it really comes down to what you want to do with your computer. But a computer is like a investment but an investment that depreciate over time! So don't really go for the best rig build as there is never a best rig with constant new hardware being produced and improved.

I would really appreciate it if you Thank Me below if I did help!
Good luck on your new rig !