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03-22-2014, 08:39 AM
Yes this is OS 2.4 if I'm not mistaken. The last major change from OS 2.2 to OS 2.3 is the current look of the forum.

2.2 Was the OS few remember it's the OS with a lime greenish look where the bg image was miku holding a microphone.

These are the major changes so far done since the last change from OS 2.2 to OS 2.3. These changes aren't finished. I'll edit this once the changes take effect.

Award System
Medals have been brought back. OS used to have an award system however the medals before were small images about less than 50 pixels width and height. The new medals are now bigger and better looking. To see a full list of the medals check this thread:

Otaku-Streamers Community Awards
The OSCA is our version of the Oscars. It is a way for the community to vote for which anime they think deserves recognition for being the best at a certain genre or category. Winning titles are given special medals on their respective synopsis pages. Example: Click (http://otaku-streamers.com/info/3066/Angel_Beats!)

OS-tan is an image board connected to os as a sister site. Although it isn't exactly a change on OS itself a tab linking you to the website has been included to the right of the streaming tab and also below on the chatbar. OS-tan a website that showcases images and works of art, both digital and non-digital, by different people and mainly portraying anime, manga, vocaloids and otaku-related points of interest.

Upload System
This was not pointed out before but the system of uploading in OS has actually been significantly improved from the time since OS Version 2 started. Prior to the current uploading system, every video was manually added into queue and uploaded by the admins and renamed to their corresponding uploader one by one.

Now the current uploading system has an automated queue that accepts an uploaders link where any moderator with the appropriate access could add the anime as an update. And just quite recently we've included a feature for mods to finally unstuck the queue making it quicker and easier to update titles.

This is also connected to the upload system and not really a part of the site but still an improvement. The site osddl.com is similar to mediafire with limitations. It's used for uploads only. Once the hard disk is filled up everything will be deleted. It's a temporary storage for uploads. It removes the hassle of needing an external file sharing site which was known to have caused the queue to get stuck.

OS Otaku
Finally! It's no longer a rumor. The otaku rank has always been a topic of speculation by members (even me) for who knows how long. It was supposed to be introduced when OS 2.0 came out but the staff couldn't decide on the final requirements for getting the color. You'd be surprised how easy it is to achieve now. Before the finalized requirements the OS otaku had a requirement that you need to refer 30 people before you can get the title. Talk about hard work? LOL

Graphics Changes
As you can see some graphical changes are being introduced. It's been a few years since we had this design so it wouldn't hurt to make some changes. I've added meme smileys as well, thanks to Ragnarok we also have new userbars (Bars on top of our avatars) and finally the forum icons have been changed.

Shoutbox Changes
There are two version of the shoutbox now available. The classic and the new one. The old classic version is still the same however it is significantly less laggy than it used to be and the new sb now shows the user's avatar. The ignore function is also another feature added on the sb.

The chatbox has been changed to prune itself after a given period of time. This was implemented because it was one of the major causes of lag before. The top chatters has also been changed from Top 10 to Top 5.

Permission Groups
Another neat feature added is the ability to change between colors you currently have. You can change it through here: Click (http://otaku-streamers.com/community/profile.php?do=editusergroups)

User Settings
If you check on the user settings to the bottom left we have added the feature to completely disable the shoutbox and to disable the bubbles you see at the top of the screen (disabling it will reduce lag).

Forum Changes
*The rules have been reworded and revised a couple of months ago in order to make it easier to understand and to address certain issues that led to people using grey areas of the rules to their advantage.

*The announcements and news threads have been separated from each other in the homepage. It will now display the latest 2 announcements at the very top followed by the latest 2 otaku news posts.

Newly Added Forums:
Drama Section Review Section for anime and drama Tech Forum

Tech forums were made to remove hardware based topics and heavier complex topics like programming from the applications forum. The Applications forum was renamed to have the internet since it's content goes for both application and websites.

After the recent survey regarding the reviews section, more were for having a forum section instead of converting the blogs section into a review section.

2 New modules were added to the homepage:
1. A module that lists all currently active events.
2. A module that lists most of the asked links in the shoutbox.

Update as of 04/14/2015
* Added an Event Forum
* Events and Announcements separated to make it easier to read the front page
* Community Chief Position Added
* Rules Edited (Addition of how punishments are handled, removal of Complaints rule on the sb)

Update as of 02/20/2016
* Site has been changed from PG-13 to R-16
* New Forums Added: OS Cares, Politix n' Chill, and The Cesspool (R-18)
* Forum Icon Added for Events Forum
* E-Mail Confirmation Added to Registration Process
* osddl was updated to include a list of previously uploaded files
* osddl look was changed from the original
* Rules Edited (Change to R-16, Rules regarding the R-18 Forums)[/COLOR]