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Ran Akiba
11-22-2013, 06:40 AM
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My ears rang as someone shouts from afar... it is only Kyle...
Kyle ran towards me as he keeps shouting my name... does he not know we're on a mission?!
"what'cha writing there cap'n? ooh! a journal!"
"Oi! give it back! it's mine!"
"what the you sound way too serious here! is this suppose to be you?"
"Like i said give it back!"
Kyle laughs as I jump and try to reach my book from his teasing grasps
okay I admit Kyle's right this isn't me...
hey guys! my name's Loren Krieger (Yes I noticed that my name is similar to Eren's...)
and I just got my journal back from Kyle! Who's currently resting upside down in a nearby well... hehehe... <the one who puts him there

What? How do I know Eren you say? Where am I in the main story you ask?
Listen up then!
I'm the captain of the Fourth Squadron the: Hidden Shadow.
Our emblem of the proud Wolf is definately something to talk about!
You never heard of a Fourth Squad? It Doesn't exist you say?
Ahahahah! Then we must've done a pretty great job hiding ourselves huh?

The Fourth Squad was first founded two decades after the titan's first attack! (That's 80 years ago)
We wear attributes such as: a Long Black Hooded Robe (our emblem on the inside so it doesn't stick out)
a Special custom made set of Black Blades (will never break)
and finally a gravity and magnet dependant 3D-Maneuver (It doesn't run on gas XD)
We of the Fourth Squadron is so secret that the only person who knows us is a single trusted civilian inside the wall of Sina (our recruiter)
So... yes. Not even the current rulers knows of our existence.
We... are different from the regular squads... we... are scientists...

by that I mean that we study using the knowledge we gained from the former Hidden Shadows and use that knowledge to gain further knowledge.
our blade is crafted from the synthesis of Titan Flesh and bones...
What? That's not possible? It should have been decomposed out of it's own heat?
Well you're not wrong.
We ... or should I say the past Hidden Shadow found a mysterious substance, far outside the walls which somehow was able to stabilize Titan's metabolism rate for a short amount of time (24 hours, 30 at max)
and during that time we hurriedly forge our blades in a... well... the only thing able to fully stabilize titan's organic tissues are...
a Flame Mountain! (<Volcano... word never found inside the wall)
hmm? Why not share this knowledge with others?
There's a reason for that...
but I don't think I should tell you...
Not yet... (<having conversation with his journal in his mind)

Anyway another fun fact about our Squadron is that we're not only scientists... we're also Elites... we may even be stronger than the current leader of the Recon Squad, Captain Levi... I think?
how I knew Eren?
Oh! Ahahahah that one's classified for now too!
anyway! Just let me Introduce the other members firs--

"Loren!!! Stop writing for a second and help us!"
"Ack! Hold on I'm coming!" (drops journal)
I took out a small knife from the pocket inside my robe...
I tore the skin off my arm as I jump high to the air!
and light covers me as I transform.

[This is a work of fiction, I do NOT own anything from Shingeki no Kyojin nor can I guarantee that this fanfic won't have ANY contradictions to the real story.]
Why did it end like that? I got tired. I'll probably continue it... maybe...

12-19-2013, 11:04 AM
lol it was good, was actually tempted to continue it myself but that would just turn into a roleplaying game and it would be an intrudion in someone elses work