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06-28-2012, 08:48 PM
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"WARNING!" The light continuously blinked and the alarm blazed as a missile streaked past the cockpit and narrowly missed the rear canards of the F/A-18 multirole jet. That missile would have impacted and annihilated the cockpit and pilot, if the pilot didn't bank and roll the jet to the left causing the tail to flair out just enough to dodge, while still chasing his prey. Finally the alarm stopped blaring as the jet that targeted the F/A-18 tried to maneuver into a better firing position to hopefully lodge a missile into it's exhaust port. Meanwhile the pilot of the F/A-18 throttled up to max, kicked in his after burners and caught up to his original target a wounded C-130 cargo plane that belonged to the nation of Verdan. The pilot then switched to his XMAA missiles and waited until he had a good solid tone from his FCS. Within seconds from the tones going solid, two XMAA missiles streaked from the bottom of the F/A-18s fuselage and struck the cargo planes underbelly and detonated within seconds of each other. The force of the two explosion caused the fuselage of the C-130 to tear open and detonate' destroying the plane and killing all crew. Immediately the pilot of the F/A-18 rolled to the left and pulled back on the stick turning the jet 180 degrees and proceeded to target the Verdan escort fighter that targeted him earlier. This jet was a Mirage-2000 though a highly agile fighter, it lacked the maneuverability that the F/A-18 had when it came to combat maneuvering. Though in a dogfight what was most important was the pilots skills and not the specifications of the jet. Both the F/A-18 and the Mirage-2000 were hurdling towards each other at maximum combat speed, as of now both jets were headed towards each other playing a game of chicken. The pilot of the F/A-18 switched from his XMAAs to his sidewinders and proceeded to target the Mirage-2000. As soon as the missile warning lights clicked on in the cockpit of the mirage-2000 its pilot quickly banked to the left and exposed the lower fuselage of his jet. A fatal error on the pilots part, for the pilot of the F/A-18 switched to his 50 cal. Machine guns and peppered the undercarriage of the Mirage-2000. Several rounds penetrated the Mirage-2000s fuel tank and causes it to detonate, the pilot then ejected and glided away from the jet before it erupted into a complete fireball. The F/A-18 circled the jettisoned pilot of the Mirage-2000, and then headed back to his assigned airbase.

30 seconds into the F/A-18s return the pilots vision started to static and then blinked out. Slowly the pilot reached up and unstrapped his helmet and removed it revealing the interior of a combat simulator pod. Smoothly the person inside flipped a series of switches and opened the exit of the pod then stepped out. The person was dressed in a full flight suit excluding the helmet, instead he was wearing a black baseball cap that had the letters RADF in blood red and were outlined in a bright orange. Those letters meant that he was an official soldier in the Rauzian Air Defense Force, a pilot. Seconds later the man that was piloting the virtual F/A-18 was jumped by a similarly dressed man that was originally situated in the simulator control room. "That was some pretty fancy flying there Karrington, but why do you always choose aircraft that are a disadvantage?" pressed the man that was in the control room. In response The pilot, Karrington, smiled and waited a few seconds before responding. "To constantly rely on newer and better technology will slowly dull the edge of our awareness. So I chose the weakest craft I could think of to pilot in the training, that way I could keep that edge razor sharp." With that Karrington stepped around the other man and made his way towards the mess hall in order to grab a quick bite of food before hitting the rack for some sleep. The following morning Karrington did the usual airman's workout routine before making his way to the hangar. Halfway to the aircraft hangar Karrington met up with his wingman Michael Sanders. When Karrington and Sanders reached the hangar the both went to their assigned planes a couple F-35s and proceeded to examine them to make sure they were flight ready. Once the inspection was complete both pilots proceeded to taxi their aircraft out of the hangar and onto the runway, but instead of screaming down the tarmac both jets checked their flaps and then proceeded to lift off vertically. Once in the air both jets proceeded to patrol the western border of Rauzia. Both Pilots were not expecting much when it came to seeing combat but they still kept a keen eye on their radar.

The country of Rauzia was in a state of cold war with the nation of Verdan. Both nations were politically fighting over the rights to an oil drill site. This site would be able to produce enough oil to keep every home in either one of the nations warm for at least a few decades. Normally both nations would threaten each other with the possibility of war in order to keep things even. So when it came to patrols jets from either nation would not cross a set series of coordinates that designated the borders. At this time Karrington and Sanders were on the final leg of their patrol route when sanders piped in over the radio. "Heads up we have a few unidentified aircraft coming towards us on intercept trajectories. Estimated time to contact is five minutes." "what's the count?" Karrington asked before radioing headquarters about the detected intruders. "plus four, as far as I can tell." "alright lets move in closer and see if we can I.D. them, but we do not engage in combat." "roger" With that the two F-35s increased speed and headed towards the four aircraft. Once the four aircraft were in visible range, Sanders began broadcasting on an unencrypted frequency. "Attention unknown aircraft, you have entered Rauzian airspace, please turn back around, or come with us to the nearest airbase. If you understand and acknowledge please lower your landing gears and lower your altitude to 1500 feet. This is your warning" It took him a couple seconds but Karrington was able to recognize the silhouette of the four unknown aircraft as that of the Carrier based F-14a Tomcats.

Suddenly the master alarms went off in both Karringtons, and Sanders aircraft signaling that they were being targeted. "Evade, Evade!" cried out Sanders as the leading F-14s fired a salvo of missiles at both F-35s. In response Karrington and Sanders both rolled their craft in opposite directions evading the missile that was fired at them and sped past all four hostile aircraft to catch a glimpse of the emblem on the back of the planes. Both pilots quickly recognized the chimera head that symbolized the Military segment of the nation of Verdan. Immediately both Karrington and Sanders pulled back on the control sticks of their aircraft and turned 180 degrees rolling their craft into an upright position and pushed the acceleration of their jets to maximum, quickly gaining on the F-14s. Karrington carefully aimed for just above the leader of the formation of F-14s and fired a quarter second burst of machine gun fire over the intended targets canopy. "Attention Verdan fighters, Withdraw from this airspace immediately, or we will destroy you! This is your final warning!" Karrington spoke over an unencrypted channel. The way Karrington spoke caught all four of the hostile aircraft of guard, for his tone was calm, there was no trembling in his voice, so sign of fear or any other emotion for that matter. After around Thirty seconds all four Verdan aircraft accelerated and maintained their original course. "So be it." Karrington spoke to himself then radioed his wingman "Riker 3 this is Aegis 11, weapons hot, I repeat weapons hot!" With those two words, weapons hot, that meant that both he and Sanders can target and destroy the four intruders.

Sanders was the first to strike, he quickly accelerated and primed his Semi-active Air to Air Missiles (SAAM) then proceeded to target the trailing F-14. Once Sanders got a solid tone from his FCS he launched one SAAM and proceeded to track its course. The targeted F-14 quickly pulled up and climbed hoping that the missile would miss, but Sanders climbed after him, keeping a small circle on the F-14s exhaust, causing the SAAM to turn after the F-14 as well. This is only because the SAAM is a partial self guiding, partial remote controlled missile. As long as the Pilot keeps the target within the circle on his sites the SAAM will track. So unfortunately for the pilot of the F-14 he was unable to out maneuver either Sanders or the SAAM and was shot down. That left three F-14 jets versus two F-35s. "splash one, repeat, splash one" Sanders piped over the com. In response two of the F-14s broke formation and turned to engage the Karrington and Sanders head on. Karrington switched from his primary missiles to his Quick maneuvering Air to Air Missiles (QUAAM) and fired two salvo's, one salvo per jet. Both F-14s broke and climbed but the missiles followed. Both F-14s started to turn at extreme angles to try and break the QUAAMs lock but was unable to, for the QUAAMs were designed as dogfighting missiles, so they tracked their targets with a cruel efficiency and kept both jets distracted as the F-35s sped past towards the remaining F-14. Within a few seconds the previous two F-14 pilots made a mistake in their flying allowing the QUAAMs to catch up and lodge themselves into the exhaust ports of both jets mid-roll, leaving just the one F-14 being pursued by the F-35s.

"You go high, I'll go low!" Sanders spoke over the com to Karrington and then dove low to sneak up under the F-14; in the mean time Karrington climbed high and practically hid himself in the glare of the sun and sped towards the F-14, his targeting reticule aimed just behind the cockpit. Seconds later Karrington opened fire with his machine guns and shredded the entire aft section of the F-14 leaving the pilot unharmed and able to eject. "So now we're at war... Guess it was time." Karrington thought to himself as he circled the sole surviving F-14 pilot and then returned to base to refuel.

Back at the Rauzian airbase Karrington and Sanders were sitting in the mess hall eating a late lunch when a group of pilots that were sitting infront of the halls only Television roared in surprise when the program that they were watching was interrupted by the news. A female reporter around 30 years of age appeared on screen "We are truly sorry for this interruption but we come to you live with this astonishing news. As of 9:30 this morning the nation of Verdan has declared war on Rauzia. This declaration was followed immediately by a border breach of four F-14a Tomcats that belonged to the 125th Verdan Airial Taskforce. The sudden breach was located and neutralized by a patrol unit that belonged to the 83rd Rauzian Air Defense Force. The names of the pilots will not be released according to official sources." Karington ignored the rest of the broadcast and let out an irritable sigh as he dropped his fork on to the empty tray. Karrington then quietly got up and walked out of the mess hall and towards the gym.