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************************************************** *******
I saw Kazemaru on the track field, talking to the captain of the Soccer Club. I looked at his way. He seems to be his usual self but... I could not put my finger on it. I walked up to him and...

"What is it, Kazemaru? You look troubled."

"Ah, as usual, you can see right through me. Well, I'm considering joining the Soccer Club... just for a while though, to help them out. What do you think?"

"I'd say, give it a try. If you're still unsure about it, why don't you see how they train?"

"Yes, I'll do that" replies Kazemaru with a smile as we continue our practice run.

I washed up after practice and then I saw him, his back against the wall, waiting for me to finish up. Well, this is what we always do every day, waiting for each other to finish up to went back home together. It's a coincidence that our home is just a few blocks apart. But this evening he said:

"Go on without me, I'll be late".

Then, I head home, knowing him went to see the team trains.

I stare up the ceiling, trying to predict the lines that he's going to say tomorrow. Will he be helping the Soccer Club, or will he be watching by the side lines? Knowing Kazemaru, he wouldn't miss a chance of competing against the best, even if it is a whole new world to him.

************************************************** **********

"Anise, what do you think?" as Kazemaru shows off his new jersey.

"Kazemaru, it looks good on you! Finally, it's the day Raimon Junior High play against Teikoku. Good luck, I'll be cheering for you!" I said to him before he went to gather with his team mates.

I searched for a good spot to watch the match. Then, the wisel blows. Teikoku kicks off. The attack was lead by Kido and Sakuma. But Teikoku was too strong. Raimon was pounded goal after goal and the team loses confidence, except for their goalkeeper. But Teikoku's playing dirty; they picked on Endou! They purposely kicked the ball right towards Endou. Kazemaru quickly swifts in front of the goal, taking the hit for Endou. I was scared, scared that he would injure himself.

The wisel blows signalling of the end of the first half. He looks tired and devastated; I never saw him like that. I almost went to his side, trying to convince him that it's futile trying to score against Teikoku, now that the score was 18-0. But I stayed put, still believing in him.

They took their position, indicating that the game it about to start. Wait, there's a new player on the team. That's the new transfer student. What's his name again? Well, it doesn't matter. Let's see how this change will turn the table for Raimon.

A-amazing! The flow of the game changed, thanks to the new player. At this rate, they will score. The ball went to his feet; he jumps to the air, SCORE! I cried out in joy! At last, they finally score against Teikoku! Just then, Teikoku declared that they forfeit the game, with the score 21-1. Kazemaru looks happy. He put up a smile that I have never seen before. He really did have fun playing soccer, didn't he? I vow to myself, I will support anything he does, as long as he's happy.

************************************************** ****

"Kazemaru, I wish you good luck in the game against Occult Junior High today! Too bad that the game is held at their field instead of ours, then I can see you play".

"Don't worry, with everybody's prayer and Gouenji on our side, we'll win today!" he said with an enthusiastic smile.

He left the school grounds, leaving me practicing alone. After he joined the soccer team, he barely waited for me anymore. It was whether I went back home first because he has soccer practice or he left me first because he was dead tired from the practice he had. It pains me a bit, but I safely tucked the feeling deep in my heart. I will continue to smile for him, for he said:

"Anise, your smile is enough to get me going for the day".

You can't imagine how happy I am! Well, if that's what he wants me to do, then I will bear anything, even if it pains me...


That evening he went back to school with a glow on his face.

"We won!"

Those simple words and his smile are enough to make me happy.

"That makes two wins now, didn't it? Now you'll be able to enter Football Frontier; you'll be able to play against other schools with your teammates. Promise me, get stronger and stick with your friends no matter what, okay?"

"Alright, it's all thanks to you though. It was you who told me to watch how they trained, and well, it got into me. I was able to cross over a whole new world because of you".

Blood was rushing to my face. I looked down for I don't want him to see me like this.

"It's been a while since we did this. Anise, let's go home together", and with that Kazemaru ended our awkward situation.


The day before the preliminaries, when I was practicing on the track field, I saw Miyasaki brought Kazemaru over. I watched them over a distance, trying to see what does he wants with the latter. Oh, they're having a practise run with Kazemaru in a 100-m dash. As usual, Kazemaru wins over them by a long shot. That's Kazemaru's talent; speed. Miyasaki told something to him, he smiled awkwardly. Now, I wonder what does he wants with him.

That evening I waited for him to finish his practice. He still put on that awkward smile over his face! I was so angry that I spurted out:

"How do you expect me to smile when you yourself putting on a poker face to me?!"

He went silent for a while. At last he replied:

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hide it from you. It's just that Miyasaki asked me to return to Athletics Club. I'm torn. I love to run but I love soccer as well... I don't want to leave Endou and the others."

"Well, it's obvious that you want to stay with your friends right? Just make your point with Miyasaki, if he's still didn't accept it, show him on the soccer field. How about it?"

"I know I could count on you for advice. Thanks!". He smiled again, this time for real.

We went back home together, I'm glad that I waited for him...


It was the first day of the preliminaries. Before they went to the opponent’s stadium, I met Kazemaru and said,

"Good luck. I know you can do it!"

"Yeah, I'll try my best. We'll win even when Kabeyama and Gouenji haven't mastered Inazuma Otoshi yet. Keep praying for us and..."

There was a moment of silence between us.

"...keep smiling for me, okay?" he flushed when he said that!

I'm sorry Kazemaru but I have to do this.

"Umm, Kazemaru? I want you to make a promise with me."

"What is it?"

"How about not seeing each other until Football Frontier is over? Well, I don't want you to be bothered by little things happening to me and I need some time to prepare for the upcoming tracks meet three weeks from now. So..."

"Alright then." I heard there's a bit of anger within his voice. "But I won't meet you again unless I win the championship, okay? I've abandoned the Athletics Club and pushed our every hope of winning onto you, and so, I'll prove to you that I can be just as successful I was in athletics! Remember that!"

"YEAH! Once again, good luck to you!"

"Hey Kazemaru, hurry up! We're leaving!" We heard Endou and the others calling for Kazemaru from the field".

"Oh, I'm coming!" He turned to me and said "Until then, this is goodbye"...

Yes Kazemaru, THIS is goodbye. I'm sorry for ever lying to you... Tears streamed down my cheeks as I saw him walking down the stairs, to his teammates.

"Until then, this is good bye", his voice keeps ringing in my head.

************************************************** **

"Raimon Junior High emerges victorious after 40 years disappearing from Football Frontier!"

I always knew that they could do it! As the team advances through the finals of Football Frontier, they meet new allies and make new ones. For instance, Ichinose Kazuya came from America, entered Raimon Jr.High and joined the team and surprisingly, Kidou Yuuto joined the team as well. The team had gotten stronger and thus, winning the championship. I was about to take my leave when...

"Anise, wait up! We won! Congratulations on your win in the track meet too. Let's meet up tonight to celebrate with the guys. I'll pick you up. See you tonight!" Kazemaru dashed in time to make it to their interview with the press.

I'm sorry Kazemaru. I won't be able to make it tonight.

************************************************** **

"All passengers boarding to Germany, please stand by the designated gate. You will be boarding the plane shortly" was the announcement I heard over the intercom. The last two years was like a dream to me, and in the end, I couldn't tell him how I feel. It's time for me to go home, back to my roots.

I have died everyday waiting for you
Baby don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I love you for a thousand more...
(Christina Perri - A Thousand Years)

I cried as I finished writing the last chapter of my love life, the love that I always held back and thus I closed the book that hold most of my precious memories, locked it, and probably will be kept hidden for years to come...


It has been 10 years since Football Frontier International ends. I've watched Inazuma Japan played on television and they emerged victorious! I'm happy for them, especially for Kazemaru, but after that day, if I were to see him again, I'm sure he already found the girl of his life. I never had chance before, and I never had a chance again.

Even in middle school he was the center of girls' attention. But he was always looking at my direction, even though I'm just a foreigner who doesn't even know how to talk Japanese fluently. He came to me, and asked me to join the Athletics Club with him. Somehow, he knew that I could run faster than an average human would. Since joining the Athletics, I made new friends, learnt Japanese from them and I became happier in school. But the best of it all was, I have fallen for the person named Ichirouta Kazemaru...

I prayed hard not to get involved with Japan anymore but I just couldn't help it...


I'm back in Inazuma Town. This town changed a lot. I wonder around the town, particularly Raimon Jr High. I see that it has been rebuilt. I heard that the school was destroyed right after Football Frontier was over. Even though it is the new building, I felt somewhat nostalgic. No wonder, the building still looks the same as it was 10 years ago. Before I could tour the school, I went to meet my old teachers. When I went to the staff room, I was greeted by Natsumi Raimon instead. Apparently she heard me coming and decided to meet me herself. She invited me over for a tea.

"Anise, even though you were in this school for 2 years, this is the first time I saw you. You were pretty popular back then as a foreigner who didn't know to speak Japanese that has incredible speed. I heard that you influenced Kazemaru's decision to join the Soccer Club greatly".

"Influenced? I don't think so. All this time, what I have really done is giving Kazemaru's advice to choose his own path, that's all."

"You think so?" She went on telling me about things that happened after Football Frontier.

"When Inazuma Eleven lost to Genesis, he left the Soccer Club, saying that he wasn't strong enough. He even went against Endou to prove that he had gotten stronger, but in the end he lose and returned to Raimon."

I was surprised when she said that! Kazemaru had strayed off the path he chose?! Good thing he changed for the better in the end...

"So? Why's that have to got to do with me?"

"Mamoru had just told me this recently. Kazemaru confided to him, saying that if you were here when he needed you the most, he'd never join Dark Emperors, tainted the soccer that he loves with 'Aliea Meteorite' and broken his promise to you to remain with his friends until the end. He blamed himself for relying on you too much all the time. But with the help of his friends, he became a lot stronger and was able to represent Japan in FFI."

"Kazemaru IS strong! He never relied on me. It was his friends who helped him throughout his endeavours. I never did ANYTHING!" I cried as I noticed how little I had done during my years with him.

"You are wrong. You were the one who told him to see how Mamoru trained; you were the one who told him to show Miyasaki that he wanted to stay in the Soccer Club. When the time he wanted to confide to you when he has doubts about his strength, he was devastated when he knew that you've transferred out of the country, out of his life. That was his final straw. He left Raimon because he lost his pillar of strength, his emotional strength. It took a while to pull him out of the darkness. It's a good thing that he remembered his promise to you, to remain with his friends", Natsumi said as she drank her tea.

I never realised of how fragile Kazemaru was. But it has been 10 years now. I'm pretty sure he has got a new 'pillar of emotional strength' now. With a heavy heart I asked Natsumi:

"But, it's been 10 years now. I'm sure he's got someone by his side now..."

"No. Ever since you're gone, he never let another girl into his life. You can be sure that a lot of girls trying to get his attention ever since FFI ends, but he rejected them all, saying that he has special person in his life, and that he'll never replace that person for someone else. Now I wonder who would that person be?" she grinned.

We went silent for a while. I tried to recall the times I have been with Kazemaru. He has always been nice to girls, but when he got confessions from them, he rejected them all. I knew because he told me every single confession he receives, as if he wanted me to be jealous of it. Well, it did. I am jealous of them, for them to be able to confess to him. When all this time I was trying to hide my own. But I acted like I didn't care.

"H-how do I know that you aren't lying to me? Maybe you're just using Endou's name as an excuse". I still didn't believe her.

"I kind of predicted you'll never take my word for it, that's why I asked Mamoru to ask Kazemaru 1 thing he ever asked of you".

"So, what is it then?" as far as I remember, he never asked me to do anything.

This is when I saw Natsumi Raimon smiled like she has checkmated me. She moved her lips, "Anise, your smile is enough to get me going for the day..."

Then it struck me. I took out the diary that I kept during the years I was in Raimon, searching for that particular page. There it is... He DID ask me to smile for him. I'm an idiot! I couldn't stop my tears from flowing. I have been trying to hold them back for 10 years. My heart has taken its toll. I couldn't take it anymore. How could I forgotten about it? It was the moment that made me fall over heels for him... I hung my head due to shame. I couldn't face Natsumi Raimon, the person who has opened my eyes of Kazemaru's feelings. I just realised his feelings and it took me 10 long years!

Then I told her my part of the story:

"I transferred here alone; my parents were murdered. I had been sent by my parents' company to live here for a while. I never knew what sort of people my parents worked for, but it seemed that they genuinely cared for me. They sent me here to keep me safe, so that the perpetrator never got his hands on me, or so they said. They told me to never ask them questions, so I never did.

The first day I transferred here, I didn't know how to speak Japanese, let alone write them, so I was an instant outcast. Every time I spoke in English, they acted like I wasn't there. I began to ask myself why I just let them sent me to a place that was very alien to me. My life went on like that for a month before everything changed for the better.

That day, I went to school as usual. Everything never changed. I just couldn't take it anymore! The seclusion, the feeling of loneliness, the feeling of not being wanted... I called that company lots of times but no answer. I was determined, the moment everyone had left the school; I was going to kill myself. I'll haunt the school until the end of time.

I waited patiently for everyone to go back home. And so, I immersed myself in a pile of homework. I only managed to do Math and English though, as I still haven't grasp the full concept of Japanese language yet. When I was sure that everybody went home, I went to the roof, trying to figure out the way to climb over fence. Suddenly, I heard the door opened, out came Kazemaru. He was gasping for air and was covered in sweat; it seemed like he ran from somewhere to all the way here. Why did he run? I was puzzled. With his broken English, he invited me to join the Athletics Club. Somehow, he knew that I could run fast; saying that I got speed, and that I would be perfect for athletics.

He brought me to the club room, and wrote my name in the member's list. He told me that I could start tomorrow. And for the first time, he walked me home, whilst holding my hand. His hand was so warm that I never want to let it go. I instantly knew that this guy was for me, even if we were still kids at that time. As I close the door of my room, I reflected the things that happened before I was approached by a person called Kazemaru and thus I had lost the resolve to kill myself. For the first time I couldn't wait for morning to arrive.

My life changed drastically. I was able to make friends, they taught me Japanese and I was the 2nd best in the Athletics Club (1st is being Kazemaru as I still couldn't beat him). Every time he tried to hide his problems, I was able to make him said them and eventually giving him short advices. I never realised how close we have became and how much this feeling grew day by day. Though our routine changed when he joined the Soccer Club, I bore the excruciating loneliness because Kazemaru asked me to smile; I didn't care, as long as he's happy, I'm happy.

Just as when I thought that this dream will never end, a letter came from Germany, from my parents' company, saying that they have arrested the criminal, and that I could go home. I never wanted to leave Japan, but I never wanted to go here in the first place either. I tried to tell them that I wanted to stay, but they didn't let me. In the end, they mailed me the flight ticket back to Germany; they already finished the preparations for me to return to Germany.

After Football Frontier ends, I went to see him one last time, before I went back to Germany. Well, we did promise to see each other after they win it. In the end, I couldn't convey to him my true feelings; and I could never will... Then, I boarded the plane, leaving Japan, until now".

Natsumi Raimon blinked her eyes in a surprised manner. Of course, who would believe that some sort of company who would take care of its employee's child. But it's true. After I graduated from W University, I was hired by them. But I'm not telling anyone what I do for a living though.

She regained her composure. "I believe you. You're not like the type who would lie. In the end, I'm not the one who you should be talking to. You should tell everything to him instead."

She points towards something behind me. I turned around, wanting to know what did she meant by it. I-I c-can't belie... Not him! I-it's Kazemaru! H-how long has he been standing there? How much have he heard? How will he react to this? I can't take it! The shock was too much for me to bear... My knees weakened. I couldn't stand anymore...

Ah, why does the floor feel so warm? Wait, this isn't the floor. I tried to snap myself out of the darkness. That blue hair, it's Kazemaru. Looks like I lost consciousness for a while, but he hugged before I fell. I could felt that my shoulders are getting wet, and I'm starting to shed my tears as well. I missed him so much, and finally I can see him... Slowly, I lifted my arms and hugged him. I felt like my life is completed then, with him by my side...

"Anise, welcome back", he said as he wiped away my tears.

"I'm home, Kazemaru" I said whilst smiling to him.

"Anise, I heard everything. It makes perfect sense now as of the reason you made that promise with me. I questioned myself for 10 years, 'Why did she disappeared?', 'Why didn't she said goodbye?'. I almost lost my mind repeating that question over and over again. But now that you're back, it didn't matter anymore.

Since the day you transferred to Raimon, I knew you'll be an instant outcast; for a person who doesn't even understand Japanese to enter a Japanese school, it's absurd! But, I feel that there's more to you than meets the eye. I accidentally knew that our home are quite near to each other, so every day I took the opportunity follow you home; I might sounded like a stalker saying that but believe me, I had no other intention than just to know you better.

Well, I was right. You have the talent to run; you could run so fast that you were almost like the wind. Now I have the opportunity to talk to you, to invite you to the Athletics Club. Since then I went to the library to find the appropriate words to say to you. But then one day you went to the school's rooftop, crying. I knew because I was there, reading a dictionary. You talked to yourself, saying that you wanted to commit suicide. I can't believe my ears. But I knew that I wasn't dreaming. I waited for you after school. And just as I thought, you came up the rooftop, probably trying to figure out a way to climb over the fence. I was at the soccer field at the time, and I wasn't even sure if I could get to you in time, but I kept saying to myself, 'What good comes from your speed if you can't even catch up for something as important as this?'. I ran as fast as I could, whilst figuring out the shortest way to get to you.

By the time I get onto the rooftop, I was relieved that you haven't climbed the fence yet. I invited you to join the Athletics Club with my humiliating command of English and pulled you over to the clubroom. As I finished writing your name on the members list and gave you your uniform, you smiled for the FIRST time. I never had seen anything like it. Your smile was like a glow. It was so bright that I was mesmerised by it. I instantly knew that I have fallen for you. I walked you home, holding your hand. It was the most memorable event that even now I couldn't shake the feeling from that day. I went to bed, thinking about you until I was drifted to sleep.

We become closer each day; I even turned to you for a pep talk. Your feelings became more sensitive as it could pick up people's hidden feelings. You were so sensitive that you would cry over the other party's feelings. I treasured every moment that we were together, but everything changed when I joined the Soccer Club. We could only see each other during classes, but our training schedules were different. I couldn't walk you home anymore. Though, you smiled at me as if the apparent change was nothing. I couldn't let you saw me feeling anguished like this, so I smiled back.

Then came the day you told me that we shouldn't see each other again until we win the Football Frontier. I held onto that promise. I came up the field with the determination to win and to see you again. When we did finally win, I would've never thought that that was the last time I would saw you again. We immediately went on an adventure to defeat Aliea Academy after Raimon J.H. was destroyed. I couldn't even say goodbye to you...

After our match against Genesis of Aliea Academy, I really believed that we couldn't win against them. As I leave Fubuki's room when he was hospitalised, I thought that I could talk to you. Imagine my surprise when the landlord said that you left the room for a while now. Everything that's left in me was shattered so hard that I couldn't bear it anymore. I left Raimon, thus broke our promise for me stay and play with my friends until the end. It took them a while to pull me out of the darkness, to a world without your presence.

I resolved to get stronger so that I could go to different places in search of you. Even though I was able to represent Japan and won the championship, I couldn't be genuinely happy without you by my side. And thus I lived for 10 years, praying that you could return to my side. And finally God answered my prayer. I couldn't ask for anything more now that you have returned..."

The room went silent. I didn't have the words to say. We stood up, and Kazemaru held out my hand and went on his knees. Could this be...

"Anise, I never want to lose you again. I loved you for 12 years and I love you more than ever. You are the one I want to spend the rest of my time with. Please, will you marry me?" He took out a box with a ring engraved with the word 'Smile'.

"I always carry this ring around in case I would meet you someday. Ever since you disappeared, I was always prepared for anything".

I-it this for real? Am I dreaming? After 10 years being separated from Kazemaru, reunited and was purposed on the same day. I don't want this to be a dream. I have had enough of dreams.

"Kazemaru, tell me. I'm not dreaming, right? If I am, please wake me up. I don't want to live in dreams anymore" I broke down. He held onto me.

"Anise, you feel pain right? If you are then this isn't a dream", he said as he pointed to his chest.

He's right. The pain of believing that this is a dream is too much that it's overwhelming. That means this isn't a dream as dreams won't allow you to feel such pain.

"Kazemaru, I'd like to be united with you until the rest of my life. I do want to marry you..."

Endou and Natsumi just stared at us as if we'd forgotten that they're here. Of course I demanded an explanation from them as well...

"The plan was really simple. I use my connections with the airport to inform me of your arrival, dragged Kazemaru here at the right moment and meet you myself. Then everyone lived happily ever after." Natsumi explained it short and simple.

"Like hell it was simple if you have to use connections!" I can't believe that this was a set up.

"I wanted to help Kazemaru as well. He's been my friend since jr. high and I can't bear to see his poker face anymore..." Endou explained his reason.

"Yeah, your absence really took a toll on Kazemaru's smile, ya know?" I turned around and saw Someoka and the members of Inazuma Eleven. I could see that he has wonderful friends, friends that will always support him all the time.

"Now that you've returned, don't forget the wedding invitations for us", teased Handa.

"Geez guys, I've just purposed, so well, you know..." Kazemaru said. I wonder what he meant.

They smiled from ear to ear and finally left us to be alone. We spent the entire day together; it's almost like compensating those 10 long years of separation in just 1 day.


"I wonder how many years have we been together, Anise dearest?" asks Kazemaru, now 75.

"I never want to remember the years I spent with you as I promised to stay with you forever" answered I, also 75.

"I hope we could spent an eternity with you. I just don't want to be separated from you", concerned Kazemaru.

"Don't worry, even if you went on first, I know that you'll be waiting for me, so just wait, I'll be right by your side..."

...THE END...


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