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01-22-2012, 08:51 PM
Changelog 01-14-2012
- Beta testing Ended
- *Added* PVP on MVP maps
- *Added* GM Lvl below 90 are not allowed to hit/kill players
- *changed* Buffer NPC set to Free
- *Added* Renewal Maps to @go
- *Fix* Hotkey, Option Save
- *Changed* mATK > mAtkRate
- *Changed* Location for Banker and Universal NPC
- *Removed* Platinum Skill NPC
- *Changed* New Job Master Allows [Change to 3rd job/Baby]
- *Changed* Decrease Max Defence from 99 to 50 due to Bug

Changelog 01-18-2012
- *Removed* Hourly/Activity Reward points
- *Removed* 3rd job shops on Mall
- *Added* Wolf Flute & Ninja Orbs on Mall
- *Fixed* Job Master gives wolf flute when changing to ranger
- *Added* Kaupe on all MVP monsters
- *Fixed* Universal NPC don't give Mount to Paladin, Lord Knight, Rune Knight, Royal Guard
- *Fixed* Hair style

Changelog 01-20-2012
- *Removed* Challenge NPC
- *Changed* MVP cast `Kaupe` from 50sec to 20sec

Changelog 01-22-2012
- *Changed* bAtkrate > bBaseatk
- *Added* attributes from item id 17220 > 17270
- *Changed* Superwarper teleport to MVP maps are now random.
- *Added* Superwarper Bifrost, Brasilis, Dicastes, Splendide
- *Added* Maps Oldpayon, oldpay_in01, oldpay_in02, lhz_dun05, lhz_dun06
- *Added* GM Lvl below 90 are not allowed to buffs Players, and kill monsters
- *Changed* Emperium life increased from 5m to 10m
- *Changed* GTB set to aggressive
- *Changed* MVP Kaupe cast changed from 20sec to 10sec
- *Added* No vending all town maps except Old payon
- *Added* @go names and Old payon
- *Added* Exp Share Gap Increased from 10Lvls to 15Lvls
- *Fix* Incubus Doll Description
- *Added* All Commands/Drop/MVP will be logged
- *Removed* PVP on mvp maps
- *Semi-Fix* Re-Extract osRO_lite then patch

1. Oh, my! There's a new patch and I don't have a backup of my osRO_Lite.rar Installer! Megaupload is down, where can I get it? -
2. Do I need to follow the instructions below (Repatch/extract osRO)? - Yes, you do and you must :D
3. What if I already have my previous osRO, do I need to delete it? - If you still experience gravity errors, then please follow step#2

- *Added* 34-46 Hairstyles
- *Fixed* Def Calculation
- *Changed* Max Def from 50 to 99
- *Changed* Item description Def
- *Added* Main Chat delay 5 seconds