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This is my first story that I am dedicate to finish it. It is started from 1 of my drawing with very short description of story. People start to like it and tell me to continue the story.
So there I am, writing story when I have free time. It is Fantasy/Romance/Action/Drama. Hope you will like it too.

Enjoy. ;)

Heart Curiosity
Chapter 1: Wake me up

A boy running away from a mob of villagers, chasing and yelling:

"Get him! Don't let him to escape alive!"

He ran deeper and deeper into forest until none of the villagers were to be seen. He stopped and gasped for air: he was out of breath. But again he was reminded of the chase:the noise of villagers could be heard afar, gaining on him. He feared and ran.

Then he came across a river. It was not wide, but rapids were fast. He had heard and known from stories that none had managed to cross this river. Seemingly impossible but determined, he looked around and observed to see a bridge.

Voices of angry villagers caused him to panic, and without a thought, he ran along with the river. His exhaustion slowed him down but not the villagers; they started catching up to him. He turned back: they had dogs too. So all this time, this was why he was seemingly possible to be tracked.

He turned back and saw waterfall beneath him. He was surrounded, it was a dead end for him. Dying was,not an option, he opted to fight back.

The crowd kept its distance from him, no one approached, only standing and looking at him with eyes full of hatred. Yet, he tried to remain calm. One of the villagers breakthrough the crowd, came out ahead and with fixed his eyes on the boy. He picked up his crossbow and aimed at him.

"This child will make trouble as seventeen years ago! Like his father! And I will not let it happen again!"

All were silent, and had no objection. With such a reaction a man has understood that no one is against his decision. Without any problems pulled the trigger.

The sound of a crossbow and confused about the words of his father, he lost his ground. Falling with wide open eyes watched the white moon in the blue sky that is still early in the morning see, his thoughts passed through his head

"Father? They killed him too? Is that reason why I am all this years alone? Tcsss... They will pay for it."

The boy fell in water. The villagers now that had been watching looked for any clues as if he had survived the fall.

"Nowhere to be found!" said one villager, others too confirmed.

"Not yet surfaced."

"However, fell on his head and he is wounded, must be dead."

"There! He is still alive!"

The boy surfaced to water, breathing heavily, and his hands shaking. Using one hand to hold the wound whilst keeping the other as a squeezed fist.

With his head down, he looked again at the villagers but the face of a man with a crossbow and his words is well remembered. They looked into each other , with hatred and desire for revenge. Then the boy continued to run into the forest, and villagers began to fear that time big trouble will now knock on their door.

Somewhere deep in forest boy stops running and sat by a tree to rest and recover from his injury. The wounds he bore made it arduous for him to run any more; the limit of pain was beyond ignorable.

He decided to rest for half of the day, and then continue the search for a spot to sleep and reside.

Whist sleeping peacefully, he suspected he was being spied and glared by some eyes. Dark green colored eyes as of a cat, coming slowly towards him step by step. He had an urge to run from the fear, but couldn't seem to move. He feared more and more as the eyes got huger.

At that moment he heard a sound of rat and woke up. Opening his eyes he saw a rat coming to him. It seemed the rat had caught scent of the food besides the boy.

-"Looking for food mate? Smiley"

Rat stood up on his rear feet, looking at him. But when he started to look for small pieces of food, the rat run away and at the very same time he heard something behind his tree running away too. Scared, he stood up fast as he could but pain was unbearable and thus fell on his kneels.

-"Pain, it getting worse..."

His vision darkened as his eyes closed, slowly. Desperately trying not to fall asleep but exceedingly in vain, on the other hand. He fell and fainted.

-"Again darkness?", he thought, "Is it whole my life just darkness?"

Floating in empty dark space, he could see diminishing small radiance of light coming closer. Then he entered in tunnel of clouds, dark blue color but looking at end of tunnel, clouds got more and more white, but there seemed to be a light coming at the end of the tunnel (at exit). Floating and moving to the exit, he felt peace to the content of the heart, unimaginable and indescribable. No pain, no memories of his life, no regrets... nothing. Now he could relax.

-"So peaceful" swirling in his mind without any other thought to consider.

He heard a voice. It got vivid, and recognizable. Now he knew it was a girl saying:

-"Hang on. Please... don't die."

From those words he woke up, slowly, opening his eyes.


Heart Curiosity
Chapter 2: Beauty under the moon

With open eyes boy stared at some boards. Still slightly disoriented, looking around to figure out where he was. Darkness encompassed around the board, however on one side was a gentle radiance of light.

He tried to rise to get a clearer view, but as he began to rise from the floor he noted something that covered and was heavy is on his legs. When his vision adjusted to the darkness he recognized a little girl on his lap! He could not believe it was real.

"Definitely still dreaming.", he gave a thought, and continued, "I mean, what are the chances to be saved from a little girl? And even sleeps on my lap?".

He moved the little girl, and she ,with her half-open eyes, looked at him. She made a big smile ,and jumped on him with a firm hug around his neck.

"You woke up! I did it!"

She stopped, released and looked at him, again, to see for any signs of pain.

"Tell me, are you still in pain? Is it better now? Are you thirsty? Hungry?" ,she asked sympathy and worry.

He looked at her face, confused and silent. Her excitment trigerred the cat ears to pop out. The boy stared at those weird ears, thinking as if he was hallucinating. He checked and touched the ears to confirm.

"What a hell? These are real ears?!", he asked.

"Yea, and tail too!", added girl.

It was too much, he couldn't take it, and thus freaked out. He pushed her away and fled from the room. Even bigger surprise for him was when he came out: the house was unusual with curved roofs and strange walls. Standing out and turning in circle he noticed that all the houses were similar. As if in another world, everything is different. It was night, and full moon shone brightly in the sky.

"Where hell am I? Where is this?", then looked at his hands, "Did I die or am I still alive?"

The girl asked from inside the house:

"Wait! Where are you going?

"Demon, stay away from me! Don't come any closer!"

In panic he ran on the on main road, with the thought as if following this road will lead him away from this village and that he would be able to escape into woods and not followed. She came out ( of her house), angry and yelled:

"Is this your way to say someone thanks who just saved your life?"

"Atsuko-chan", a female voice from the other house in dark could be heard, "stay here."

"You're awake? Upss... Did I wake you...", she said. The girl noticed sword in her left hand which worries her:

"No... You can't kill him!"

She stops and stood to look the girl over shoulder some time, "Don't worry, I won't. I will just bring him back alive. I promise."

"Okay... but, please, don't hurt him. He is already badly injured."

This mysterious woman continued to follow the boy by walking. Little girl, Atsuko-chan, concerned looked down, and thought, if it was right for her to go along. But when she looked again to accompany her ,for real, she disappeared amidst the darkness of night.

The boy was running with all his might to escape but was soon encountered with some kind of wooden gates to obstruct him. Not surprisingly, the wooden gate was high and closed. It was normal to be closed at this part of the night: the midnight. Whilst looking for clues as to where to open it from, he noticed the shadow of something moving on top of the gate, he moved few paces behind to look better.

From the sight of it he could not move, confused ,and breathlessly watched the woman. With a white full moon shining on her in pitch dark night, the radiance broke into her hair making an incredible effect. A gust of wind that blew to the side a bit, moving her hair surrounding the white clothes never seen in his life. With blue eyes that penetrated the darkness, it seemed as if he was looking at an angel.

She calmly speaks:

"You have two choices: return peacefully or I'll use force to get you back."

Those words instilled the boy to return to realm of reality and answered:

"To get back? Have you gone mad? There is a demon! There's no way to get back!"

"You have no other options."

"Hell no!"

She closes her eyes and mutteres, "I see.", then open her eyes and jumps from the gate. The boy could not comprehend what she had done, at least not to his understanding. The moment she touched the ground as such by the rate surged to him that she disappeared from sight. She follows a second appearance before his very own eyes, and with the handle of the sword hitting him in the stomach: he felt tormenting pain and fainted. He drops to the ground, the stain of blood spreads across his bandage. But that's not what attracted her attention, but something else, something that was not phenomenal. She watched him, holding his head in her hands, trying to figure out but without success.

She closes her eyes, turning her head slightly, and mumbles:


She twitches her eyes and looks at him.They were alone,silence was inevitably everywhere, encompassing them. Alone in the white light of the full moon, in the pitch black darkness of the night of the nights.

His head in her hands...


Heart Curiosity
Chapter 3: Who are you?

The boy walking on a path, faced down, leaving his village as he looked behind him. Walking in the night through the woods until he came across a crossroad. There were two roads: to his left, the moon illuminated the path of grass, but he looked with a feeling of sorrow and grief; he faced to his right but it was neither better, dark forest with its shadow hid the path but he felt power. Undecided, he loweres his head and closes his eyes.

In that moment he hears something behind him, he turns to look but of no avail. He had to reach a decision: either to follow right or the left road. But again he hears a sound but louder. Now quite sure that there is someone behind him, he looks again, at the same time something whistles. His reflex action triggers and grabs for the stomach without knowing what it really is.

After a few seconds he feels his hands are wet, but his eyes tell him something else: they (his hands) were bloody. The blood spreads and flows along the skin to the elbows; he then hears a voice:

"I won't let it happen again. I kill your father and I will kill you too!"

"Wait a minute. I recognize that voice.", the boy starts to talk to himself and remembers, "That's him." With quick look he recognizes the face. It was a man with crossbow aiming at him; he shoots another arrow, hitting his head.

Lying on the ground he looks into the sky, and slowly and gradually loses his consciousness. He notices that all the time a silhouette of the shadow flew over him, in circles. But it was not a bird, it had some strange shriek. His eyes close and faints.

At that moment he hears again, and thus wakes up.

"You worry to much, Atsuko-chan. He'll be fine."

"Fine? How can be he fine?! One day went by how he didn't wake up. He already have a bad injury and you just make worse! Eiko-san, have we not made this village to help people? Why did..."

Atsuko, is then, interrupted by the boy's vague question:

"Where am I?"

"See, he will be fine.", say Eiko. But Atsuko just look at her with angry face and come closer to boy. Eiko just turned back and go out.

"Say again?", asked him Atsuko.

"Where am I?"

"Where are you? Well, you are in small village near Fukushima."

The boy opens his eyes and looks at her; without thought he recognizes the girl. She was the same girl as of the last night. The boy tries to escape but the throbbing pain stop inhibits his ability to get up.

"No! Don't move, you are still injured. Just stay calm and rest."

He does not believe what he hears.

"Calm? Rest? You will kill me anyway! And eat me! What's a point saving me?"

"Huh...?", Atsuka look at boy confused. Next moment she get angry and start to yelling at him:

"I am not a deamon! And certain don't eat humans! Where you people get that ideas?"

He gets scared, when Atsuka stop to being affronted at the boy and moves away from him. With a deep sigh, she stands up.

"Don't move until the wound heals. OK?"

He rests his head on the contrary side, and stays solemn. She becomes depressed, leaves the house and closes the door. Standing in front of door she starts to think, if it was possible that she is that scary? Not knowing, her shadow could be seen through paper on door. Then something unimaginable happens.

"Hey!...", voice of the boy, appears out of the room. She turns her head and eyes to the door.


"Thank you."

Atsuka smiles, "No problem. I am glad that I have helped."

"One more qustion.",

She is surprised.

"What is your name?"

"Atsuka. Why?"

"Atsuka... I will remember it."

Atsuka smiles again, "And yours? What is your name?"


"Ryuu... It's a nice name, I like it."