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General Site Rules

These rules are for the Entire Site. Every section (groups, blogs, forum, SB, CB, VM, etc.) applies.

1) No Downloading Videos from our site.

We are not a download site. We are a streaming site. Please keep this in mind.

2) Respect Everybody.

We will not tolerate rudeness of any form, and specifically pertaining to: Insulting posts, racist posts, personal attacks, or any post intended that would be found offensive

towards a specified group of people.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so respect it and your opinion will be respected as well. When expressing your opinion, please do it in a respectful tone. Also,

avoid using all caps as this can be construed as shouting and is overall unpleasant on the eyes.

3) Communication and Posting Standards Are Rated R-16

This refers the ALL areas of the site with special exceptions to your private chatbar, and private messages.

No ****/****** outside of The Cesspool. Regarding the use of profanities and curse words, the giggle filter

has not been removed and triggering it is now permissible however trying to avoid the filter in order to display a censored word is forbidden.

For avatars and signatures, this can seem to be a questionable area. If you are not 100% certain whether your avatar/signature or forum post fits into this category then

please ask a Forum Mod. Please be reminded that even though the site is R-16, usage of ****/****** images for avatars and signatures is prohibited.

(Please note that any Avatar or Signature breaking our R-16 rule may be removed at any time and without notice.)

4) No Flaming/Flame Baiting.

Flaming – Attacking someone. This is usually rather obvious. If you are respectful and do not get into fights, you will not need to worry about it.
Flame Baiting – Attempting to illicit an angry response/reaction out of someone. This one is more subtle. It essentially comes down to not doing/saying/typing things that

are intentionally meant to anger a specific person or group of people. While this is a judgment call, it is usually very obvious as well.

5) No Duplicate / Alternate accounts.

Each member is allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed. Any accounts we acknowledge as duplicates will be banned.

6) Do not start a thread, or discuss things about eligion or theology as a whole.

It can be a touchy subject for many and thanks to the diversity of people found in our site, our opinions will invariably differ. Please keep this in mind and just avoid such topics altogether.

The Only Language Allowed on OS is English.

We are an English language site and therefore request that ONLY English be used anywhere on Otaku-Streamers with the few exceptions of common Japanese expressions.

(Please note the only exceptions to this are: Private Messages, Chatbar Messages, and Visitor Messages.)

8) No Backseat Moderating.

If a mod is present, please let them give the reprimand. If an offense goes unnoticed, please try to contact a mod via

chatbar or other immediate means. Only if it continues from that point, please explain that they are breaking the rules, and refer them to the rules if possible.

Also, under no circumstances is it okay to pretend to be OS staff either. Doing so will result in immediate action when seen.

9) Respect Moderators and their decision.

Whatever decisions they make, you should respect it. If you have any problems on how they do their job, Private Message your complaints to Support Moderator Dudette09We will resolve the

matter privately. Under no circumstances is it acceptable for you to berate, belittle, or otherwise insult any member of our staff.

Also, please note that our staff reserves the right to ban or give appropriate disciplinary actions to any member we deem is being a nuisance and/or disturbance to the site

as a whole and in essence hindering our community.

Forum Rules

1) No Chat Speak.

This is not an IM, so don�t treat it as such. Use proper English (or as close as possible for those whom are not native English speakers), grammar, spelling and punctuation.

2) No Spamming.

This means your posts must contribute to the conversation and be in the form of complete thoughts. Do not reply with single word or phrase replies. Completely respond to the

thread you are replying to and be sure your response is a valid response for the thread.

3) Post with content.

Remember that your post is supposed to be read by someone. Don't just post saying things like: "Yo," "haha, yeah!" or "I agree/I agree with this;" or any other random off-topic

remarks, exclamations, or salutations. It is not a personal space for you to do whatever you want, but an interactive board. Post something that will contribute to the

discussion. Short posts like: "Naruto!" "Naruto FTW!" "I Think Naruto" "For me Naruto" are also counted with not having content. Posts such as these are automatically deleted

when a moderator sees them.

4) Don't Double Post.

Multiple or repeated posting of the same thought is not allowed. If you forgot to say something in your last post and no one is replying yet, use the edit feature.

5) Do not create duplicate threads.

When making a new thread, do an advanced search of what your thread will be about to confirm if there is already a thread like it open. If you are not good at using the

advanced search, or it is not working for some reason try going to google and typing "Site:Otaku-Streamers.com" followed by your search criteria to check for threads.

Site:Otaku-Streamers.com Rules
Site:Otaku-Streamers.com Name Color Guide

6) Make your titles precise and clear.

This means make your thread title abundantly obvious. If it is not concise enough, the replies you will receive may have little to nothing to do with your original post.

7) Don't force the forum rules down someone else's throat.

PM the appropriate forum moderator instead.

8) Post your threads in the appropriate forums.

Again, obvious. Consider what your post is about, and choose the correct outlet for your thoughts.

9) We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice.

10) We also reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the forum rules.

11) You cannot post any affiliate or referral links, or post anything asking for a referral. Such posts will be subject to removal.

Posting of links to other anime streaming sites in the public forum or in the comment section is not permitted.

you are also prohibited from posting any advertisments for products and services not related to OS.

12) Use Spoiler tag if necessary.

If your post contains information of the events that happen in an anime/drama/etc., please use the spoiler tag. It would ruins one’s experience watching the title otherwise.

Exceptions to this would be in threads specifically intended to discuss said series. In this instance, please use [Spoilers] in the title.

13) Please write legibly

dO NoT TyPe LiKe ThIs. Orr tok lyk dis. Spell the words correctly. If you misspelled(typo) something use the edit button. With the exceptions of commonly used net acronyms

like LOL IMO LMAO etc.

14) Avoid posting explicit content outside of The Cesspool.

This forum has R-16 Standards and we expect that we will have minor members here. We don't want to scare or traumatize them. The site is R-16 because the content of our anime and drama reflects R-16 standards. If you have something explicit to talk about it would be highly advised to post it in The Cesspool. Threads or posts outside this forum may be moved or deleted (in the case of posts) without notice if it is deemed to be too offensive/disgusting/scary or anything similar.

15) Old threads may be revived, but please only post once to do so.

To bump a thread on a forum is to post a reply to it purely in order to raise the thread's profile. This will typically return it to the top of the list of active threads.

After bumping and there is still no reply, then it means no one is interested. If there is a reply, then you may post to the thread again.

(Please note: You may not double post to revive a thread.)

16) No Hate threads.

No hate threads, whether it may be a thing, a person or an anime.

17) No asking or talking about explicit subject like **** or ******.

Don't even mention it even if you're not going to guide the topic to that direction.

18) No Plagiarism.

Any thread or post that have been found to be plagiarized (copy pasted from another forum) will be deleted immediately. You may however, quote someone or quote the site of the

post you wanted to mention and put a source on it AND share your own opinion on it. To Quote use these: [quote=whoever you quoted it from][/quote] Take note

that quoting someone or something and just saying "I agree to this" or "+1" will still be deleted. You have to express WHY you agreed to it.

Note: Rules 1-8, 13, and 15 are not strictly enforced in 3 sections of our forums: The Corner, The Poll Vault, and Forum Games. Though please use good judgement

when posting in those sections.


1) No fighting inside the public chat.

2) No Bashing.

3) No Spoilers.

4) Don't Spam and don't Spam using smileys. Five consecutive posts are also considered as spam.

5) No asking or talking about explicit subject like **** or ******.

Don't even mention it even if you're not going to guide the topic to that direction. we have a forum where you can discuss them freely here.

6) No Racist Posts.


1) The maximum text size is 3.

) No nude or disturbing or offensive messages or pictures.

3) Any signature that doesn't meet with the requirements will be removed and will be replaced with a notice by the moderator.

We might modify signatures that are not following the rules without notice.


1) No off-topic discussions

2) When posting something that might spoil other users who haven't seen that episode, please use the spoiler function. No manga spoilers for things that haven’t happened

yet in the series.

3) No Posting of technical problems, please post them on the forums.

4) No Spamming


1) No Spamming.

2) No Flaming/Flame Baiting/Bashing.

3) Message standards are rated R-16.


Note that all General Site Rules apply to this section. Otherwise please refer to the Expanded Shoutbox Rules thread.


1st Offense: Warning infraction with appropriate explanation as to why member was warned.
2nd Offense: 1pt Expiring Infraction, no forum ban
3rd and succeeding Offenses: 1 Pt. Non-Expiring Infraction, 5 Day Site Ban or Mute in Chat

Breaking different rules does not contribute to a member going from 1st offense straight to third offense. Rules that have been broken are counted by the specific rule broken

by the member. This DOES NOT, however change how infractions work. So just because you have the freedom to break multiple rules does not mean you won't be

punished accordingly. Please be reminded that a 6 point infraction automatically PERMANENTLY bans a member. That being said, if a member were to be found guilty of

breaking multiple rules, depending on severity the punishment may be different. Your first offense can already be with an expiring infraction, it can also lead to a forum ban

with just a warning infraction. In such cases we will leave it to the moderator who is handling the case. However for cases where only one rule was broken the punishments above


If you feel a moderator's verdict towards your punishment (if in the case that it is not listed above) is too severe or unjust, please direct your complaints to our Support Moderator Dudette09.

(Just for clarification purposes, we would like it noted that any suggestions about rule changes will be considered by our staff, but that

doesn't mean we are obligated in any way to make changes. While we value our members' inputs, our site is not a democracy where members can pick and change

rules at their whims. Our rules have been carefully chosen and tweaked over the years, and will continue to be done as such.)