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imagination. where are you??

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yes. i'm having a hard time finding my imagination. well not really it's just that my mind is completely blank. Since i stopped going to school( will come back next term) my cousin decided to give me a project. ( his project in school) he wanted me to design a bag, since im good in monsters and stuff ( more like doodling). i decided to draw monsters with a theme, a magic theme. And since my mind is blank, i can't draw anything. *le sigh*

i guess i'll just watch an anime so that my imagination will finally come back.


  1. Paperroses's Avatar
    Paperroses -
    Maybe you just need to do something you've never done before, to get inspiration. Like going to a fast food store that you've never eaten at before.
  2. xvemin's Avatar
    xvemin -
    hahaha, finding my imagination is really hard. XD thanks for the advice. :D