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  1. wahhhhhh i want to buy a gundam

    i want to buy a gundam age new version but i dont have enough money
  2. i am angryyyyyyy

    omg my friends think he was stronger than me but i gave he a punch at his head and puff straigth to the goal on his eye
  3. Life's Note

    Do you know what a grand composition consists of? Have you ever heard of a composition in which it just fully revolve on only two notes?

    Life does not simply consists of one or two things, it is consisting of many things like; joy, sorrow, happiness, sadness, dreams and reality. It is a complicated composition in which all this things is just a fraction of what it really consists of. Like music there is not a single composition in which in it is composed of two to ...
  4. My Life

    How do you say this?

    My life has been nothing but boring. Like how you wake up early just to go to school and learn stuff that you do not want. Like how you may speak to someone for the sake of talking. Like how you live your everyday life yet you do not live in it. This is he things that have been on me since I started living. It was like living yet not living.

    Yes, I breath, I sleep, I eat, I study, that's just it. I'ts like living a monotonous life. I continued living ...
  5. Just some random thing..

    Like a lost nightingale only to be found by some fox and caged up for their entertainment. But this nightingale never gave up instead always look up to the sky to and never stop to dream that someday he would also be among those who can soar in the heavens and that someday someone might find his voice and help him.
  6. YO!

  7. Just another post

    Yo, big friends! There I am polluting the blogs section with my useless post... well, not so useless this time.
    Warning! May contain spoilers from the game Bayonetta
    Spoiler :  

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  8. My (Zen's) Anime Recommnedation List...

    Defintely must watch:
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    The World God Only Knows (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai)
    Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

    New Anime:
    Sword Art Online
    Binbou-gami ga!
    Kokoro Connect
    Tari Tari
    Dakara, Boku wa H ga Dekinai

    Code Geass
    To Aru Majutsu no Index
    To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
    Sengoku Basara
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Death Note
    Seikon no Blacksmith
  9. Instead of cyber matrial laws how about improving your service

    Today, I was registering as a nurse at what we call PRC... A government establishment for professionals. I realize how their system sucked. My friend and I kept going to long lines and we're so frustrated. Have they never thought of improving the services here? Like come on, would it be smoother if they made a way to make it faster and less hassle? Alot of professionals go here everyday afterall.

    And here they go, adding a non-sense law. Do they even think? Where is the freedom of
  10. Cyber Crime Law


    Please, we ask for your prayers, and support to dissable the Cyber Crime Law here in the Philippines.

    Many people here are anime lovers including me as one of them.

    But because of the this LAW some anime streaming sites will be banned, and also downloading them through torrents will be banned

    Please help us to gain our freedom in the internet ONCE AND FOR ALL ETERNITY

    Thank You Very Much For Your Support ...
  11. Cyber-Martial Law... AGAIN?!

    A long time has passed since John Lamar Smith...

    The memories of staying up late at night flaming him...

    Proving his theory wrong...

    Putting on our V masks...

    Explaining RATIONALLY why we should have freedom in the internet...

    I personally disagree with internet martial law...

    Especially internet ban...

    Also... didn't companies already agree that piracy is okay already?

    Let's talk ...
  12. First Blog on this site

    Man I'm so happy and stupid for just founding out that I can do a blog here on this awesome site. I usually do my blogs on Tumbler or on Deviantart here at This is really a nice idea. Well better get started on it.

    As you guys can figure, I'm a college student who lives in the outskirts of my two towns in Arizona. Since we are not a part of ether towns we just call ourselves a small little community or the outskirts. I love to draw and I'm trying to
  13. Before I forget.

    This is a note to my friends. It starts when this sentence ends.
    Spoiler for A Note to My Friends
    Tags: can't forget
  14. And so, the Pope has Spoken

    Refer to this article: [x]

    I have all the rights to express my feelings in this blog. Freedom of Expression, my dears.
    What more could I say? I am greatly frustrated.

    I would like to tell you all that I respect the opinion and the point view of the Holy Pope. I was born in a Catholic family, I studied in a Catholic School and I practice Catholicism, but this? This is not the value that Catholicism instilled in me.

    For all my life, I was told to ...

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  15. 4th entry

    It's been a while..I've been busy lately because of school..I had lots of projects and I also joined a club (I regret joining it though )
    Anyway, I'm just gonna complain as usual so just bear with me my really depressing blog..(I'm sorry for my poor grammar..)
    3 days ago, my mom and I,together with my other 2 siblings, went to the mall to buy some stuff(I forgot what we bought). After buying those stuff (that I forgot) my mom wanted to go to a salon so we left my siblings ...