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  1. Your own caption of these pictures

    Make a caption of these 2 pictures:

    Enjoy ^^

    Updated 08-27-2012 at 02:03 PM by Me♥Marcia

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  2. A lesson when deciding to be an irregular student in college:

    You have two choices when you become an irregular student, either you're taking up more subjects at once or taking a combination of advanced subjects or grouping the easy subjects now and taking harder ones later or you're taking less subjects every term to make your life easier.

    I guess I don't have to elaborate more on the second bit there since its very self-explanatory. As for the first part though, I'd have to say I learned the lesson the hard way. Trust me when I say take everything
  3. 2012 Doomsday?

    If the world will REALLY end on 21st of December this year 2012, what would you possibly do?

    (it's not that I'm scaring anybody X-3)

    Spoiler :  

    Updated 08-27-2012 at 03:06 AM by Me♥Marcia

  4. Koko Ni Iru Yo!

    Well, guys I'm back!!! how many weeks have been already since I updated my blog??

    weLL .. i just had my 14th birthday last week .. August 18 .. and it was not what i expected ... uhmm .. it was much, much more horrible !!

    Well, that's not what I intend to talk about ..
    It's about KOKO NI IRU YO! the manga ! ..
    well, im just thinking that it would be nice if it would happen to me too ..
    like in this blog... :D

  5. Adventure time

    Woke up this morning to find out my cat was sitting on my chest and licking my face... now as adorable as this sounds she woke me up at 5am I do not know about you guys but I need my sleep !
    oh and also with my blogs everytime I make them I wanna ask a question and I want you guys to suggest the title of the next blog !!
    TODAYS QUESTION IS : If you could be in any anime what would it be? I would wanna be in Naruto <3
  6. The Birth Of An Otaku

    Before I proceed to my busy weeks , Ill just write a little blog to refresh myself...i guess.

    Birth of an Otaku.

    I am sure that you(who ever read this) is an Otaku. It is easy to know because this community is full of Otaku or Anime Lovers.

    But I have a question in my mind. When did we become an Otaku?

    I was thinking about this for awhile now. It seems I cant remember. Maybe I was born as an Otaku or I just dont ...
  7. New and fresh!

    hello my little pumpkin kitties! I would like to welcome you to the world where plants.... WALK !!!!! I would love to make some new amigos on this website. I know your already all super freaking awesome cuz you all love the greatest invention ever, ANIMEEEE <3 please feel free to message me :3 oki that is all bye bye!!! <3
  8. Information Risk just went into a whole new level

    So I was just taking a short break from my studying when I noticed something I almost always do but I just realized just how risky it is.

    We all notice this "Login with facebook" Button whenever we try some new sites. Its pretty evident actually, I was browsing through this neat presentation site called prezi when it dawned to me that we're starting an era where facebook can actually represent a risk.

    How do I say so? Well take this for example, what if ...
  9. Love is a little bit of heaven and hell

    waking up in the morning with a nice smile on your lips,
    you are happy..yes, you are!because you are in-love...
    everyday you are waiting for him/her to call or text you..
    and when he does, you cant hide your teeth because you smile a lot..
    i really love the feeling when i feel like this
    but does it worth it?
    sometimes it hurts most, why?
    'cause sometimes he/she just ignore you, yes he/she ignores..they dont know how it hurts when they're doin that.. ...
  10. flash player

    witch flash player do you use?
  11. Unessay

  12. Living on a Dead Planet

    This might be a little rant about earth and humanity. So If you hate being insulted, turn back now.
    (Awful grammar)

    Cant you see it? This planet that we are living in is done.

    It is brain dead,

    a vegetable,

    a zombie,

    a living dead;

    It is over.

    We are controlled by fear. We are being good because of the rewards we will recieve. We laugh at other people's ...
  13. Double Blogs Posts Mistaken...

    The double posts I didn't meant to do it...its just when I click post the loading is to slow...when I click the post again. It suddenly post twice... that's a mistaken identity I didn't meant to do it... when I want to erase my other post it usually say you don't have permission to delete it... then I just leave it. If you have plan to block me then theirs nothing i can do... again its just because of the internet connection is too slow and I can't erase it even though i want to erase it...!!! ...
  14. Jobhunting...!!!

    Jobhunting is not an easy... so tiring,makes you hungry but still i pursue myself to the limit so that i will have a job as soon as possible...

    Revise your resume. Before you start jobhunting, make sure that your resume is as complete and up-to-date as possible. Here are a few tips to consider:

    Be honest. Never lie on your resume, even if doing so could get you a job. It will come back to haunt you later.

    Use active verbs. When you're describing ...
  15. 8/16/12

    So uhh. It's been a while, feel like checking in, posting anything.

    To anyone who cares, I've been okay. Not writing much. Not doing much. I got a job, I start soon. Social life is doing okay, got some interesting things happening. Been playing lots of CoD, seems that my skills are above average. Winnning is almost always fun.

    Things are always more fun when your with friends. At least half the time. Probably more than half.

    I am getting used to the ...
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