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  1. I seem to have said something quite profound.

    Gawd, one day, I gotta try not talking so fancy. I mean, I do it all the time. Maybe I should, like, just say whatever's on my mind as I would say it out loud. It's gotta be fun.

    And by "say," I mean "write," obviously. Or maybe not that obvious ._.

    [01:44] Pprs some days, i'd prefer not to think
    [01:44] Pprs just to feel
    [01:45] Pprs but i've made decisions that
    [01:45] Pprs don't allow me to do that
    [01:45] Pprs sometimes, ...
    Tags: quotes
  2. Finnaly, I have courage

    All this time I was telling you all that I am doing a manga, I've entered the art club, but never posted my drawings, 'cause I as afraid to someone plagiarize my ideas...
    But finnaly, I had courage to post a drawing I've made today
    Spoiler :  

    It's a Chevrolet Camaro tunned to Drag Races - this explains the largest tire on the rear, the blower sticking getting up from the hood, and the exhausts at the side. ...

    Updated 03-17-2014 at 07:00 PM by Monkill

  3. DOT hack anime ..

    guys can you help me find the dot hack anime

    coz my friend ask me to watch dot hack

    please comment the link :D

    THANk YOU for the help
  4. 3rd entry

    Well, I tried to have some fun since I wanted to at least post something fun here..but I just can't stop thinking about something..I keep thinking about it even when I sleep, eat, play, study(as if) and all of those other things. I can't even seem to enjoy reading that much anymore since all that pops in my mind is that.

    Well, I should probably say what that is..
    When my dad was still alive and suffering..I was with him. At that time, his condition wasn't critical yet. Mostly ...
  5. Best New Anime Serie

    Do anyone think that this years anime releases were good?
    I personally think that campione and sword art is the highlight of this year.

    Campione had a very funny turn of event when Erica suddenly loved Godou, but also how those other campiones are so much powerfuler than Godou is.

    And do anyone find Hagure Yuusha no Estetica interserting?

    Do anyone know any more new animes that actually are good? Need more things to watch.
  6. why not have a collaboration?

    Some of you guys may be familiar with posts I make that are mostly a grab-bag of random quotes. Do you have a quote or saying you'd like to share here?

    It is Saturday morning for me as I make this post. On Monday, I'll make wtp#31 and focus it around whatever you pass along, from whatever source you like. A 'words to ponder' melting pot, you might say. :)

    Shout out to error345 for inspiring this.

    If you can, please add the source/person who said it. ...
  7. 2nd entry

    I read my first entry and I realized that the things I said about me is a little vague. So if you're a bit confused, feel free to ask :)

    Well..I just finished my exams and they were really hard. I'm really glad its over! Now all I have to worry about is the scores..
    I just really can't get used to these changes.. I mean I could probably get used to it if it were simple changes, like drinking orange juice for some time then suddenly switching to grape or like having long ...

  9. A Deep Puddle.

    For some reason, a wave of sadness washes over me every time I realize that I've done something completely selfless.

    I have no idea.
  10. My reason for loving anime

    Greetings !!
    hello every one i just wanted to know some of your reasons for loving anime if it's alright with you ? ..

    well for starters my reason for loving anime is that when I was an high school and the first anime that i watched was suzuka it took my attention on watching the whole episode and so i did . that anime really was all about romance, Shounen and sports .. it might sound corny but that led to whom I am now. an anime addict :)

    so what about you ...
  11. Hello Everyone !!

    hello my fellow OS, i was just thinking what would happen if i got banned ? does my account will be permanently ban ? or just temporarily .. im just curious about it .. so please help me about this.. I'm Just new here in OS
  12. Favorite Top 5 animes

    well since its my first blog here mind as well asking some of your favorite anime..
    well for me here are my most favorite anime

    1. Sword Art Online
    2. High School
    3. Naruto
    4. One Piece
    5. Fairy Tail
  13. someone HAD to do it. ( i hope i dont get sued)

    Hey there. thanks for clicking away to my blog. if you havnt read my past blog. I recommend you to do so.. so u wont feel lost, confused, constipated and well what you are feeling right now. :)

    WELL WHAT IN THE WORLD IS NEW TODAY? umm..hmm.. any1 ? any1? yup NOTHING. when i say NOTHING i mean the new iphone. NOTHING is new. yeah make a bigger i mean taller screen and make the charger small is a big deal! :)

    so sorryy for the ppl who are excited for the new ...
  14. 1st entry (Introduction)

    well..this is the first time I made a blog..basically I'll just be writing down what's going on in my life..and maybe sometimes my feelings?? A lot of people say I don't express myself much..anyway I don't really expect comments since I'm doing this for myself..we all need to vex out our feelings somewhere right?? but if you want to..feel free to do so..

    Anyway, before I tell the things happening in my life..I probably have to introduce myself first right?? well, there's not much ...
  15. Hungary.

    Didn't really feel like I needed to make a post. Was just listening to a song when I felt something that tied itself to a thought. I guess I will try to flesh out that thought, since I can. Or, at least, I can try.

    So, what's there to say? I am at around 24:00 but don't skip to it.

    I feel sort of like I'm missing something. Like there should be something here that isn't. It might be that thing again, where I ...
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