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  1. A Idioms For Idiots

    you can't cry over a spilled milk
    my mother always said

    life's not a piece of cake
    she hammered my head

    that's the way it goes
    the way the cookie crumbles

    my mother saved her idioms
    for all idiotic troubles
  2. To the 11 people who greeted me on my birthday

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful greets! I'm sorry it took 2 weeks for me to log on to OS after my birthday.. It had been a busy 2-week pursuit of finding a job for me.. .. and so I totally overlooked logging on to OS.. Sorry..

    I didn't really expect people to greet me on here and I must say I was really surprised. In fact few people sent me a text message on my birthday so I thought nobody remembered. =.= but it turned out that all of the greetings and messages ...
  3. Xbox 360: Soul Calibur V (5)

    If there was a better game to start with, it would be the newest games, but since I dont own any of them (yet) I decided to start with one of my favorites, Soul Calibur. So Soul Calibur 5, strange game I must say especially the story,even though you can never really understand the story, and my friends tell me “it’s soul calibur, it doesn’t have to make sense.” And honestly they’re right. Soul calibur is a strange story based game because it truly doesn’t revolve around the story but ...
  4. I have nothing to say..

    They always say that things change as time flies. This maybe true to some sort but never to me. Yes, time and experience never had the chance to change on how I work and move with my life. I never learned. I want to experience how TAGAM really feels. Like whenever I make a stupid decision or an instance in the past that occured in the present, I want to say, "Natagam nako, dili nako."

    I had a past relationship in which I have sacrificed so much. It lasted for a year ...
  5. Adsense New Policy for New Members

  6. How to Tell if your Girlfriend is a Zombie

  7. Living Hard

    Living my every day is very hard, always struggling to find the purpose of living just to continue to exist. I am what you would call someone who goes against the flow. I am someone who will question anybody to know why we are living our life. Life for me life is nothing but boring by actually going to your everyday routine without change. Life for me is nothing but like a book that I have already analysed the flow in which where it would go, it is nothing a sequence of accidents, coincidence and ...
  8. [GAME....] Who would you like to see fight each other?

    Now that I have some characters, here is the compilation. so tell me who you would like to see fight, I'll try to come up with a reason for them to fight.

    Name: Hisashi

    Ability: can mirror any technique seen or combine them to make his own (very dangerous to him)

    Signature technique: Mizu Mirā (can turn into any person he wants and use their abilities, can also switch instantly to someone else during combo attacks)

    Weakness: it's ...
  9. Have you ever played Catherine?

    The title is self explanatory and covers a lot of this blog.... I just want to know your feedback on the game and if I should buy it....
  10. what is life: A definition of life style and human nature of chino yuan

    What is life: A definition of life style and human nature of Chino Yuan

    by: Chino Yuan

    Second: What is life

    "What is life?" Mga katagang suking-suki sa mga slum book. Damn.... Why not palitan natin itong what is love na 'to ng what is life. Seriously. What is life?

    Kung pagbabasihan natin ang dictionary (Note: it's pronounce as dik-sio-ney-ri if you don't mind.) Ang buhay or life is a quality of existence. Pero kung ako ang ...
  11. Strange Deja Vu

    I need help!!!!!!
    Does anybody else experience this, or do I have some sort of super power????

    I have experienced 3 different types of deja vu ever since I can remember. I've always wondered if this was normal for everybody.
    1. Passive Deja Vu
    -When your doing something or with someone for the first time, then it hits you...'I've done this before; at the exact time and exact place. I've seen this before.' When I meet someone I've never met before and have deja ...
  12. Just for your entertainment.... My own original works....

    So here we are again…. But this time I’ve got something new for you guys…. It’s a song…. Just to entertain you guys….

    (intro music)
    Hey there
    I just got back, I’m fine
    It’s cool
    Now I’m texting you tonight
    Don’t know
    What I’m doin, but I’m gonna ask tonight

    Let me be your superhero
    Give me the strength to fly
    Don’t worry what the rest ...
  13. 1st Blog post, Gamer Blog.

    Mornin gamer fans, My Name is Jake. Formally known over Xbox as Jake Blackheart. My friend turned me onto this site abouta a few weeks ago saying there are alot of anime and gamer fans out there on here, and I personally want to see! for the rest of this year I will be making random if not consistent Game posts about my insights of various games i have played. I hope you find this very entertaining if not insightful on buying your next game or learn a thing or two in a few games you already have! ...

    Updated 11-12-2012 at 08:12 AM by knighted

  14. The Future... well my future... kinda undecisive...

    Well, as you know I'm in college taking up Computer Science. It promises to be a very good field of study unlike before.

    While attending seminars about the future of Computer Science... I've fancied myself an analyst rather than a developer... it would certainly be a waste because everyone has witnessed my talent for solving problems with programming... But without a problem at hand, I can't see myself being a developer...

    But that's on team "change-the-world"... ...
  15. what is life: a definition of life style and human nature of chino yuan

    Title: what is life: a definition of life style and human nature.
    by: chino yuan

    First: Lives

    Naranasan mo na ba sa buhay mo na sobrang nakakatamad? Look around…

    Ok, let tell it straight . nararanasan mo bas a buhay mo na sobra na. paulit uit nalang. Gigising, mag- a- almusal , manonood ng tv , papasok (sa opisina man o sa school), uuwi, kakain, matutulog. That’s life now, kung nakaka- relate ka ...
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