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  1. The Anime I Have Watched So Far

    I've decided to post this here as a way of keeping track of the anime I have watched and also to show other people it so they know what to recommend to me and my tastes... poor as they are! :-)

    Ok... I guess the best way would be alphabetical order right.... here goes!

    07- Ghost
    3x3 Eyes
    3x3 Eyes - Seima Densetsu

    Accel World
    Afro Samurai
    Afro Samurai Resurrection
    Air Gear
    Air Gear -Break On The ...
  2. Me talking about whatever i feel like talking about!

    Heyo, everyone!
    I don't know how I'm going to start this, so I'll just say this: I'm bored!

    I'm bored as hell right now. I can't find any anime to watch, I'm out of books, and my hands hurt from playing 700 songs on osu!mania in a single day(you have to play a lot to keep a good pace climbing the rankings. #14 in Australia, so far. aiming for #10 by the end of the month). So i decided to write this.

    on to the main course:
    has anyone here read The Wheel
  3. random

    who likes shoujo and shounen me myself yes this is just one random question if you want to chat with others aswell then have fun
  4. happy day happy day

    i have been so busy doing school stuff and i have finally finish cant wait for school on monday im going to ace my projects
  5. Tmnt 2012

    Okay, how many of you think I'm weird?

    Raph:* Raises Hand*

    Shut up, I wasn't talking to you Raph!!! Anyway, I know it's not a anime or whatever, but the new Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles are Awesome. I love the show.

    Mikey: Dude, your starting to sound like Leo and his "Space Heros" thingy


    Anyway...the only reason I'm telling you I like it is ...
  6. Beta-OS

    Quote Originally Posted by Sin Of Love View Post
    Hi friends, i don't know if you know about it already but i just saw it today and wanted to share it, cause might be many people don't know about it (like i didn't knew about it)

    Here is the Link of "Beta OS"
    Spoiler for .

    And here the screenshot taken by me~


    Spoiler for 1

    Watch Log:

    Spoiler for 2

  7. Note to Self #1... Anime and American Sitcoms...

    So in this series... I will be posting things I like to remind myself doing so in this one... I'll put...

    Note to Self: American sitcoms are not anime... there is no need to skip the opening song...

    As opposed to anime opening songs... I usually skip the songs not because it takes up time... but because there usually are spoilers... I don't want to see the new characters before they even appear... it builds the suspense...

    Because ...
  8. Yo!

    Well hello there random one. May I introduce myself, my name is Penelope , Penny for short, but in France they call me Pene and please don't laugh but i know you did . I live in Lyon in the magnificent ancient city... well anyway it's a beautiful city go google search it I was born on the 8th of December , guess my age from my mentality .. Uhm.. what do I like.. I like food. I like clothes. I like ANIMALS ! I love sleeping.. and i like .... my buddies , yeh. I hate the sun :'( ...
  9. Lessons From Eating a Bad Orange

    - Eat it all at once.
    - Cover your mouth, do not puke it out.
    - It is alright to swallow without chewing. It all goes to the same place anyhow.

    This may be a new series of blogs. "Life Lessons" they are thus christened.
    Tags: life lessons
  10. new year

    happy new years everyone and if you have a resolution tell me in message or comment cause ide like to know what it is if you dont wanna tell me then thats fine too. (my resolution: WATCH FAIRY TAIL MOVIE BEFORE ANYONE ELSE ONCE ITS ONLINE IN FEBUARY)
  11. So... I heard it's the new year...

    Well... uhh... Happy New Year...

    No goals... just kinda hoping my dream will include an eggplant, an eagle, and Mt. Fuji...
  12. Finally, some weight of my shoulders

    Finally, some weight of my shoulders, I say.
    And true is that, considering how pressed I've been for time on thursdays.
    Today, I finally found the courage to tell the person in charge of one of the horses I tended for that I'd stop. I'd meant to do that after the summer vacation, but I told the wrong person at the time.
    Now I'm tending for another horse, which is why it really was necessary now, considering I've got 4 hours in the stable, two of these goes to riding and a little ...
  13. Woah! Guys! Merry Christmas!

    Hey guys. So it's Christmas time... my parents are here... so most of my celebration spirit is void...

    I mean... sure I got a lot of gifts but that's not what Christmas is about...

    Anyway... I've had serious problems with my computer... and I just fixed them... problem stayed for 4-5 days... so the actual December 25 wasn't so hot... I sat on the couch the whole party just sighing... (Cuz my aunt's house has really fast internet so I brought my laptop and discovered ...
  14. Need Help in osRO

    Hey guys I want to play osRo but i havent Sakray/Kro please can you give me a link where can i download it thanks
  15. K-Pop fans

    When you're a K-Pop fan :

    Opera isn't a musical
    T-ara isn't a crown
    Keys don't go in lock
    SHINee can't describe a jewel
    Sunny isn't the sun
    Superman and Super Girl aren't comic book heros
    Hoot isn't the sound an owl makes
    Genie isn't from Aladdin
    F(x) isn't used in movie editing
    Peach isn't a fruit
    Ring Ding Dong isn't the sound a door bell makes
    ELF aren't mythical creatures
    BoA isn't a snake