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  1. Ion Ore or Corbel*

    I don't know what I like about you.

    Maybe it was when I told you that you were wrong about an acidic solution being pink at the presence of phenolphthalein and I told you that it's pink at the presence of methyl orange, and how I thought about you being so cute by then. Maybe it was when you told me you want to study more and know everything just like Batman because that's what you've always wanted to be, and I thought how amazing your dreams are that I wanted your dreams to be my ...
  2. i hate this feeling so much...

    I hat that feeling when your own parents are backstabbing you so loud, and they think you cant hear it because you are wearing headphones.


    and my mind was like: "dafudge did i do to you?"

  3. A poem.

    by , 04-18-2013 at 01:15 AM (Wispy Tendrils of Thoughts)
    A friend. One for the ages
    ‘Fore I cared. ‘Fore I dared.
    Please, is this something I should wear?
    On my sleeve. On my heart. In my eyes. On the page.
    For all to see. For all to hear. For all to know.
    How should I treat you? Will you disappear if I just blow?
    Like that, one for the memory to habitually stage.
    Laying out each moment, each minute second to idolize.
    To agonize.

    Please. Is this something I should dare to wear ...
  4. Hapymaher – Thoughts

    Game Synopsis:

    After an accident, Tooru experienced lucid dreams every time he slept. Realizing that he’s in a dream all the time means that his body cannot rest, leading to him getting rest only when he collapsed from exhaustion. One day, a girl who he hadn’t seen since the accident appeared in his dream. The girl Maia was the cause of his current condition and is a nightmare to him. However, another girl named Alice wandered
  5. Side Story Part 1

    214 walks out of mobile infirmary unit

    Sierra 214- *looks at the bright dark grey/blue sky* Looks like a storm is about to take place

    312 walks out of the restroom

    Sierra 312- *turns to look at 214* what are you talking about?

    Sierra 214- *points at the clouds* Look at the clouds, they looks like they're about to produce rain

    Sierra 312- *squints eyes* I don't know what you're talking about. They look like ordinary clouds ...
  6. Quick Story Part 2

    Two hours passed, four phantoms shot down, two crashed into 214 and 344 sniper position

    Sierra 214- Trevor, two zealots on your eight position

    Sierra 344- *fires on zealot towards his right side* Thanks man, *turns to meet 2nd zealot, kicks zealots helmet* These bastards don't know to quit do they?!

    Fuel Rod blast 1.2 meters away north from 344's position, knocks 344 off balance

    Sierra 344- Damn! That was close! *Grabs M6 pistol*
  7. Adventure Time Fanfic Ideas (May contain Spoilers) I need your help and input

    So like I said I will make an adventure time fanfic... that serves as a more mature, cool, and dark sequel to Adventure Time... the same way Ben10 Alien Force is to Ben 10...

    But before that I would like to share my insights about Adventure Time for the haters...
    Spoiler for Message for haters, may contain spoilers
  8. i hate this day :(

  9. got so many to dooo


    i got swimming lessons tomorrow
  10. =-=

  11. FINALLY!!! I have beaten the game "Slender the Arrival"

    I did it ! I actually did it for the first time (after 6 or 7 tries)

  12. test

  13. How

    Sometimes I wonder why I ever took English up as a major? I feel like I just settled myself into a long-term relationship with unemployment, and that really frightens me. I'm easily insecure when it comes to these sorts of things, but I just...really wanted to take a field of study that I liked more than Nursing could ever provide me? Anyway, I'm horrible in science, save for the minor parts of Organic Chemistry. OChem is actually fun if you're with the right teacher, but nevertheless, I'm scared. ...
  14. i can't sleep early i can't !

  15. i can't sleep early i can't !

    no worlds came out :3

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