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  1. Day 8 Hot'n'Cloudy: Akihabara

    by on 07-25-2014 at 12:50 PM (Hulio's Vacation in Japan..or: How I learned to love the survivalism of 77 lone days.)
    The Album Link for the daily pictures has been fixed.
    To see pictures from my trip to Japan!
    Check Below

    As my head is still kinda dizzy from the Moe Overload I gained from my trip, I'll be short.

    It all started when I stood up from the subway tunnel and walked straight into this Electronics shop. Little did I know what was waiting for me.
    It was the size of 1 regular
  2. Days 6/7. Tokyo SkyTree & Utter Failure / Fuji TV & Real Gundam

    by on 07-24-2014 at 11:12 AM (Hulio's Vacation in Japan..or: How I learned to love the survivalism of 77 lone days.)
    Day 6 Cloudy: Tokyo SkyTree

    This Day Was such a failure in so many ways I'll keep it short.

    Morning The decision to buy another drink after the first was 1 too many, the whole day was like such a drunken haze.
    Because of it this old man who spoke about peace and gathered signatures on his list even managed to make me give him 10k (75€)... 75 Friggin' Euros, I could have needed them, I could have play Pachinko for hours and hours and more hours to come. I literally
  3. Sukitte Ii na yo.

    "Dont think about the positive or negatives of liking him. Use your words and actions to show him how you feel. You can worry after that. "

    Say I Love You.

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  4. Day 5 Bright Clouds: Tokyo Tower

    by on 07-22-2014 at 10:45 AM (Hulio's Vacation in Japan..or: How I learned to love the survivalism of 77 lone days.)
    Today I woke up calm, it felt like the hostel had gotten quieter, and it would not be so filled anymore.
    I couldn't be more wrong.
    As I descended to B1-floor, I saw that the hallways were just filled with luggage 'in dear' I thought.
    And when I entered the Lounge it really hit me. The air was filled by French words, enough to drive one insane after a while.
    -> decided to get breakfast from Family Mart.

    Now I really have found drink of the drinks, Peach Long

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  5. Reignite

    I finally reignited the spark that caused me to write 25 Minutes Past Midnight. It's a different approach to writing about zombies in the island of Boracay. Using a diary was good but being able to take on a different point of view was better. For now, I'm experimenting with a Game of Thrones style wherein I examine the story from the perspectives of various characters. I've started with Will and in fact the chapter I posted isn't finished. I'll be posting the edited version as soon as I can. I ...
  6. Day 4 Cloudy to clear: Taiyaki, Okonomiyaki and Higurashi Pachinko - Nipaa~

    by on 07-21-2014 at 09:35 AM (Hulio's Vacation in Japan..or: How I learned to love the survivalism of 77 lone days.)
    This morning was usual one, was late for breakfast -> went family mart to buy interesting stuff and came back to Hostel to eat them.
    My god these alcohol drinks rises fast to my head, all I need is one can, haha.

    After breakfast I had decided to shop for a few necessary appliances, and on the start for my shopping period, I bought Taiyaki from a close stand.
    Taiyaki tasted kinda, interesting, the red sweet bean paste was like, the consistency was like beans but it
  7. Day 3 Clouds and More Rain: Calligraphy

    by on 07-20-2014 at 08:07 AM (Hulio's Vacation in Japan..or: How I learned to love the survivalism of 77 lone days.)
    After few hours of sleep, few hours of Gastric exorcism and few hours of sleeping I managed to sleep past breakfast.
    So I'll have to hunt something fancy for my sustenance.

    I really have started to like that small amusement park just a stone throw away from the hostel, 'I love the Girl Screams on the Mornings'

    Visited the Family mart and bought a few Japanese pre-made foods I've seen in Anime. 2 half-fist sized Onigiri's, Choco Coronet and Yakisoba-bun. I got
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  8. Day 2 Clouds and Rain: Shingeki no Kyojin

    by on 07-19-2014 at 07:33 AM (Hulio's Vacation in Japan..or: How I learned to love the survivalism of 77 lone days.)
    Last night I really just got turned off, as soon as I finished undressing myself, I had fell down on my stomach to sleep. And on my stomach I woke up.

    I eated breakfast here in my hostel, only 325¥ of which gave me 4 toast, 3 mugs of Tea and one cup of Tomato/Onion/Shroom soup. Haven't eaten that much breakfast in ages (though I haven't really eaten any breakfast in years).

    Once again I frowned at my maps and plans, read some magazine and just rested until it was 4pm.

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  9. Day 1 Cloudy

    by on 07-18-2014 at 06:15 AM (Hulio's Vacation in Japan..or: How I learned to love the survivalism of 77 lone days.)
    The clouds above Tokyo were thick as we penetrated them, I couldn't even see the wing from my window. But we managed to land, only a few glasses or something broke cause of the huge THUMB, when we hit the ground.

    First things first, and as soon as I was free from paperworks, I aimed for the famous Robotic Bathrooms. They were fancy, I give you that, but not really my style.

    After 2 hours of sitting in the Haneda Airport I finally managed to get myself an sleeping place,

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  10. Hulio's Vacation in Japan..or: How I learned to love the survivalism of 77 lone days.

    by on 07-17-2014 at 11:29 PM (Hulio's Vacation in Japan..or: How I learned to love the survivalism of 77 lone days.)
    Day 0 Above Clouds

    I started my travel early, as in 3 am we started to drive towards Helsinki (infact I can't say that as I didn't sleep at all).
    Anyways, British Airlines were waiting for me as my parents and sister set me off, and I departed towards Heathrow.

    We passed forestless yellow Denmark and arrived England. I couldn't believe my eyes as we flew above London, the city just continued as far as my eyes could see, and regardless of a few minutes of flying, the

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  11. Little Rant About Radio Pop

    First off: Even if I don't listen to much radio, when I do all I Hear is the same old same old by a different singer.

    Now here's a reason why I dislike radio pop music. Especially MODERN radio pop and that's made in the western countries. Not that I completely dislike pop music (some older bands and singers I might actually not mind at all due to their sound which usually isn't autotuned.)

    Reason 1: It sounds the same with similar beat/note/chord (choose your wording ...

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  12. Poem: Mabon

    Mabon is the Gäelic Sabbat in autumn celebrating the harvest season, it is much like thanksgiving, It is thanking the gods and goddesses for the bountiful growing season, the fact that our plants thrived, life thrived, and that were still alive and well. This is a Poem I have made for the upcoming Holiday of Mabon. Mabon is Pronounced (May-bon).

    For now is the time of the harvest
    As we draw nearer to the years end
    Now is the time of Mabon
    Autumn is
  13. Poem: I Opened My Heart To You.

    Written by Nele Molkov (AfterRäyne)

    Poem: I Opened my Heart To You.

    I opened my heart to you
    I've danced to this song at funerals, no rush
    These lyrics I've heard a thousand times, so hush
    A baby girl you've held so tightly, this pain it visits almost nightly
    Missing those times you read to me, I could still feel your touch
    As you said with a smile, I love you my little angel

    I will wait, my patience of eternity, a bleeding
  14. Poem: Time Passes Me By.

    Time Passes Me By.

    I hear the clock count down
    I wish the minute hand could be rewound.
    So much to do and there is so much i still needed to say.
    I wonder if tomorrow will be too late.

    I feel the moment slip into the past
    Like sand through an hour glass.
    In the chaos I guess I just Forgot to do the things I said.
    Like all things Time passes by.

    I never thought I'd wind up a step behind
    now I've made up
  15. Poem: I Lost It All

    Poem: I Lost It All

    As I Stood with these hands, I shook the heavens to the ground
    I stood above these mighty castle walls
    I stood above another war, another jewel upon the crown
    I held the key, to the kingdoms lions guarding my castle walls
    Hail the King, I never thought he'd be the end of me

    I felt so safe; so protected in his arms
    But then I lost it all,and now my backs against the wall
    I'm just trying to breath; just
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